Las Vegas glamour in Jokkfall

This Saturday I went on a road trip to explore my new surroundings! Not far from my new hometown Luleå there is a place called Överkalix and I heard that they have a 40´s style cafe there and a retro "Grill" as we call it i Sweden. It is a sort of fast-food diner. So I decided to check it out and eat some cake, yummie. I also googled and apperently there were a waterfall pretty close to Överkalix so why not have a photoshoot there! I always wanted to make a photoshoot at a waterfall and the weather report sad sunny/cloud so yeah! Perfect!

Sad and done, I took my pink giant feather fans and drove past the Arctic circle (OMG that´s hit up!!!) and the rest of the story will soon be seen on youtube! Here is a sneak peak of the photoshoot and Frannie in action....

Photo Bernie Gogo
I thought I was gonna fly away with my wings, jeez the wind!!