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Francescca has since 2009 entertained the world with her burlesque. On big stages as well as smaller clubs right next to the audience and private/corporate happenings.
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Francescca and the love of burlesque entertainment.


I think what amazes me with burlesque is how one gets to express oneself in so many ways. Through my years as a burlesque performer and entertainer, I've got to learn and appreciate every piece of my body, as well as being that theatrical chick on stage in fancy clothes, telling stories and being part of showbiz.


I love everything about it, from costume design and making every bit of the costume with my own two hands, to creating acts and working through them until I feel that the audience will be truly entertained, not to mention actually performing in front of people and hearing them howling, clapping their hands and shouting. Putting down hours and hours of hard work is all about that. Entertainment.


I'm Francescca and I'll continue being a show gal forever.



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